May 6: Budapest the beautiful


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Arriving the back way, Budapest came into view with lemon-yellow, sunset-orange, and white marble buildings all with their own details of gargoyles, cherubs, grapes, workers, women, food, flowers, cornucopias, and more. Walking outside of our hotel, the city opened up like a sheath of silk. The streets are wide, the greenery is plentiful, and the buildings have just the right amount of tear to look lived-in AND exquisite.

Sitting at a cafe and drinking a strawberry-basil lemonade, a bird flew on to my dress and attached itself to me. Having no idea what was happening, I jumped up and starting dancing around the place and screaming. Very traumatizing. He released and Lissa helped him fly. From having a bird poop on me in Timisoara to a baby bird attach itself to my dress, I’m beginning to think the birds have something to tell me. I plan to find out what.

Tomorrow, we tour Budapest and learn about the Communist era, the Belle Epoque period, and post-Modernism. Get ready for some propaganda and the “beautiful era.”


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