May 13 & 14: Photographs of Florence

Florence is no doubt one of the busiest places I’ve visited yet. People are everywhere: tourists and locals. That being said, the city still feels like the place that the Medici family ruled and Michaelangelo roamed. Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken as I’m almost at a loss on how to describe Florence with words.


Street art


Medici Palace

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Santa Croche Church

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More street art


Central Market


Alexander Calder


The rest

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One thought on “May 13 & 14: Photographs of Florence

  1. To bad that you were not able to hear Merkel’s speech. She certainly deserves the peace price she got from the Monks. There are so many new impressions that I believe that words fail you to describe them all. What a privilege to explore so many different historical places. These are impressions that you will remember for the rest of your life! Love OMA



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