Finding My Family: a podcast

Hey everyone! For the past few months, I have been in a radio and podcast class, and this is the product: a podcast about my grandfather’s history, and our family’s connections to Nazi Germany. Below, I have included some photos of my grandfather’s life, photos of my grandfather’s stamp collection, and some photos that I took at the National Archives.

Here's the podcast:

Photos of my grandfather

I found a bunch of photos that show parts of my grandfather's life. Unfortunately, I couldn't find photos of his childhood

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My grandfather’s stamps

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The National Archive trip

One thought on “Finding My Family: a podcast


    Thank you for sending us the family podcast! While we are getting all the photos and sound on the video, the picture on the video is black. Any suggestions on how I can get to show it or do you have the wording written down?

    Fondly OMA



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