The Battle for the Soul of the Nation: Pre-Election Borders in the United States

Just a disclaimer, I wrote this before the election. Obviously, I am beyond thrilled with the *legitimate* election results that Joe Biden is the president-elect.

Open fields and a farm. In Downingtown, PA, I saw this beautiful sunset and Biden/Harris sign, so I decided to stop off and park in the field. There was a clear border that had to be crossed by this particular farmer, as it is stereotypical that farmers are voting for Donald Trump.

Being a progressive and Democrat is a major part of my identity, whether I agree with the actions taken by the party or not. And, because of that, this election has been one of the most stressful moments of my life. I cannot think of a time when I have felt that there is so much riding on one singular electoral event. For me, both Biden and Trump represent different borders. Trump quite literally spouts the benefits of closed borders. Biden, while not perfect, is not as closed off in my opinion and will protect the rights of millions of people. I do not believe that work stops at an election, pushing and protest needs to happen, too. As I have been driving around, I cannot count the number of times I saw a Trump sign at one house and a Biden sign at the next. A Black Lives Matter sign and a pro-Police flag. These borders are so visible in communities, with people on both extremes of the political spectrum living right next to one and other.

This flag was on my cousin’s porch.

These photos are brightly colored, I try to bring color into everything I do, and this election has been no different. Of course, anxiety comes through in these photos, but so does persistence. They are full of pain for me, and for others, I know they lack an ounce of hope.

At the same time that I drove into the field to photograph the huge Biden/Harris billboard, I took my own personal sign out to photograph with. This was the day I voted, and I was feeling powerful with my decision.

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